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Commitment to Self, "I do!"

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Commitment to Self, "I do!". I'm Michele a 44 year old life and health coach and local real estate agent living in Stafford, VA. I have a family of seven, which includes my husband, Marlon, and our kiddos Keith, Nicholas, Matthew, Victoria, and Parker. I started my coaching journey shortly after my mother passed away of early onset dementia in 2019. Dementia is a disease that showed me a lack of commitment to ourselves can break us in a way that we can never recover. From that moment on, I wanted to change the trajectory of my life and how I treated myself. So, here we are. My only hope is that you embrace the journey and take what you need in order to live your best and most sustainable life.


Who I was is not who I am. I was young, foolish, quick-tempered, less confident, led by mistake after mistake, and once I hit one of my many bottoms, I was depressed, ill, and unfocused. What's your story?

Who do you think you are? Who is it that you hope to be? These are the questions that I ask my clients when we're coaching through challenges with self awareness. Some of us are walking zombies with the innate capacity for a lack of awareness. We routinely neglect to evaluate our lives in order to create balance and change things that prohibit growth.

When we reject the idea that we need to put ourselves first, we do ourselves a disservice. We must create efficient ways to invest in ourselves, pouring into ourselves so that we can effectively pour into others. By figuring out the best way to care for ourselves, we find out who we are and what we want. Additionally, we learn there are things that we do that aren't necessary. They're essentially a waste of our time and energy and decrease our productivity.

Through my coaching program, we explore these and many other life and health issues through the A-D-A-P-T process. A-D-A-P-T stands for:

Awareness + Desire + Action + Perseverance + Time = Sustainable Habit Change

Through the A-D-A-P-T process, we can evaluate the areas you want to change and create action around them. When we focus on change in a way that says, "I do!", it is the catalyst for our mind to adapt to change in a fresh and exciting way. For positive change to occur, we have to accept responsibility for how we arrived at this point and be open to the possibilities, successes, and failures that change may bring.

On this journey, you are never alone and I am always an advocate for your wellness. Trust the process.

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