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Hitting Your Lowest Point - Depressed and Defeated!

There are days when I have an overwhelming urge to quit. Depression. Life has beaten me down and told me to lie down. Defeated. However, I never willingly give in. Though it can be hard and strenuous to deal with the ebbs and flows of life, we are equipped for these challenges. Prepared. I know it doesn't always seem like you're ready or strong enough to face those tough times, but you are and you can.

I shared in my book, 'Commitment to Self, "I do!",' that we are all at different stages and phases in our lives and mindsets... we must appreciate the blessings and be hopeful of what is to come. Keeping that in mind, we can carry the following guidance with us to keep things in perspective.

  1. Your best is good enough and you are doing the best you can. You should never belittle your efforts and know that each step you take forward, is a good step.

  2. Ask for and accept help when you need it. Oftentimes we won't admit we need help or support from others. Having accountability partners and support systems is an integral part of the change journey.

  3. You are always worthy and enough. You are worth more than your past scars and your present bruises. Change your mindset by taking the lessons learned from your past, accepting your present situation, and being hopeful for the future.

  4. Create boundaries for yourself and others. It is your life and you need to honor it by being honest with yourself and others. Honor your 'yes' and 'no' and clearly articulate what you need. Creating boundaries is simply saying this is what I need to do or stop doing to be better and this is what I need from others to create balance.

  5. Your feelings are important and have meaning. Your response to life and the feelings you share are natural, but you need to understand the triggers and how to create action around those responses that negatively impact your life or change journey.

  6. Your pace is your pace. You cannot look at someone else's situation with envy or by comparison causing you to doubt your capabilities. Your pace may be slower than someone else's but if the outcome is the same, it doesn't matter. It's like taking a test. Each person completes the test on their time.

  7. Healing time is important. You should not feel bad when you need time to mentally or physically heal from life experiences. Take time to rest and recover which promotes sustainability.

When we feel depressed and defeated and things aren't going our way, we need to learn to control what we can control and accept and create action around the things we cannot. Worry, anxiety, and depression are consequences of our emotions taking a greater hold on our senses and sensibilities. However, when we keep things in perspective, we will be stronger on the other side of our journey.

Be fair and compassionate to yourself. When we overcome the moment, whether positive or negative, we learn, grow, and find out things about ourselves. We can create growth opportunities and those outcomes may steer us closer to our greatness.

Challenge yourself today to avoid the negative and live in a winning mindset.


Your Positive Advancement Family.

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