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In My Weakness, I am Strong

I read a quote by Chrissi Jami: "To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.” Vulnerability is the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. This means you share something that can be used against you to break and tear you down.

When people are on the journey, they need accountability partners to understand they’re not alone. Many of us walk around with an exterior façade of strength and happiness but are weak on the inside. This poor state of being is not sustainable and will eventually progress to a more complex, uncooperative one. We need to embrace our weaknesses to create a balance between our inner and outer selves. We must make a mindset that accepts weakness as an opportunity for growth, which can be challenged or changed if we take the necessary steps.

My most vulnerable state is when I need to ask someone for help. I feel I am being an inconvenience or a burden to someone. The fear of rejection makes me feel anxious. Not only does it create anxiety, but it also makes me feel worthless and inferior to others. However, I’ve learned that I am human and can make mistakes. It is essential to understand that we all make mistakes and, at times, need the support and help of others to create change.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve learned valuable lessons about making mistakes and trusting in the people around me. I realized that genuine people who have empathy and understanding will help you. Understanding your circle of friends and associates is essential when asking for help. Asking for help or being asked to help can create closeness and trust when you realize someone is investing in you or trusts you to invest in them.

Of course, not all relationships can be easy, so accepting our weaknesses and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is critically essential. When others take us to task about our shortcomings, we do not need to become irrational or defensive. Sometimes, we shouldn’t need to explain ourselves to anyone unless they’re directly impacted or we’ve made an egregious mistake that affects many. Still, that part is up to you should you provide them with that clarity.

However, exposing our weaknesses should be considered part of the learning process. You are learning other people’s perceptions of you and how you will be treated based on that perception. It's a good life lesson to learn, in my opinion. Not that you need to care whether you’re liked or not, but it is good to understand how others view who you are in your rawest, most pure form.

This leads me to our behaviors and how we become frustrated when we’re attempting to reach our goals and can’t seem to get over the hump. The worst thing we can do is repeat the same failed behaviors during the change process. That means we haven’t entirely accepted some of our areas of opportunity and have not acted toward changing those areas. Our change process runs in circles, and we’re not seeing those incremental wins along the journey.

As we mature or begin to recognize our areas of opportunity and act toward positive, sustainable change, we will start to understand how much power we truly have. You will demonstrate the strength you’ve always had to accomplish your goals. In your weakness and most vulnerable times, you will face adversities and be enlightened by the lessons learned. I encourage you to remain steadfast and unmoved during the journey and accept and share your weaknesses to release them from yourself and, during the process, help someone else grow on their journey. Your story can be someone's remedy.

Challenge yourself to be vulnerable, showing your greatest strength. Sharing of yourself.


Your Positive Advancement Family

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