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Whining vs. Winning!

It's that thing called life again. We have to face each day with its inevitable ups and downs. Some face challenges, whining and constantly showing negative habits and behaviors; others have a winning mindset, showing positive energy. Whining vs. winning is knowing the difference between adapting to challenges, changing our lives, and creating an outcome of success. And though winning each day is hard, we should always strive for the best and create action steps for the worst. Keeping a focused mind on our goals and objectives is the key to overcoming failures and obstacles that hold us back.

A great question to ask yourself is, "What are the best and worst outcomes I can achieve if I try this?" and "What is my plan in the event of these outcomes?"

Considering our negative habits and behaviors, we must create a winning-over-whining mindset. If you always take the path toward negative responses and actions, you will find yourself asking the same questions and not moving forward. Like anything, a whining child will have someone to give them a lollipop so that they'll stop crying. Please don't end up being the petulant child who stomps his feet around everywhere in a negative mindset, wanting someone to hear their cries, and after a while, falls asleep from all the wasted energy they spend. Instead, you must take responsibility and find new ways to approach those difficulties that influence your life negatively and impact your winning. Being open to creating a new system of thinking and finding validation in knowing the change process takes perseverance and time.

There are no easily accessible routes; you must pay your dues and bow your head. This means showing some humility but knowing your worth and working in your power to move your life and circumstances forward. When you focus on winning, you strive to make every moment count and take advantage of your opportunities. In those moments, you can find gratification and gain further self-confidence. Never discount your value or demote yourself over an error or omission on your personal or personnel record. Be open to learning what you need and expanding what you know. Having a winning mindset is being creative, influential, and focused. That is the key to success or growing toward it.

As you meditate on your purpose and create that vision for your life, remove the negative energy and whiny thoughts from your process. Be wary of overthinking and making it a hill you cannot climb. Be resolved to meet the challenge one step at a time with patience and faith.


Your Positive Advancement Family

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