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Tapped Out: Balancing A Busy Momma Lifestyle

There is no shortage of things to do when you're a mother. It doesn't matter if you have one child or seven; the number of 'things' you have to do can be overwhelming. I am a mother of five, but three of them are grown, or away at school and that leaves two at home full-time. However, I still don't feel a difference in the running and activity we have each week. Creating balance is a difficult task when we're in a frenzy and focused on simply surviving the day.

However, it's time we change our mindset and make time for balance in our lives. Here are some tidbits that we implement today and get this journey started:

  • Review your list of weekly priorities and commitments asking the following questions of each.

    • Is this best use of my time? Essentially asking, am I managing my time in a way that has meaning and contentment?

    • Who is this beneficial for and how does it add-value? Does this activity benefit yourself or someone else and what is it doing to add meaning and contentment to the beneficiaries life?

    • Am I over-committing and how can I say, "No"? Does this activity impact my priorities or am I neglecting important parts of my life that need my attention?

    • If this is a priority, how can I ensure it doesn't become too much? How can I keep my priorities in focus and get rid of other commitments and distractions that impact them?

  • Honoring your "Yes" and your "No". This requires you to be firm and decisive in when and how you will help others. It has to be within your abilities to help without impacting your priorities. If there is overcommitment or impact, then you need to say "No" and feel ok with it. If there is no challenge to your priorities, then you can "Yes".

  • Don't push yourself so hard during the day. Create wellness pockets during your busy days to rest. This can be 10-15 minute breaks to take a walk (getting fresh air), or finding a spot to take a power nap. Giving your mind a moment to reboot can make such an impact on a busy day.

  • Create a schedule and try to stick to it. Making a to-do list to help organize your day is a good way to remain focused and to create balance. You can add breaks and downtime to the schedule to ensure that you're carving out time to rest, hydrate, or eat.

  • Make time for what matters most. Don't neglect our priorities due to things that don't matter.

In closing, we can create balance and as you evaluate your commitments, you will find there are things that you can take off the list. This will allow you to focus on the things that matter and be aware of accepting new commitments and the impact they may have.

Have a great day creating balance in your hectic day!

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