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Flawless FriYAY -

When we think of something being flawless, we think of it being without blemish or error, simply perfect. I believe that we are all flawless by design and we should be proud of ourselves and the boldness we offer in life. When we're on the journey to self-awareness and we have challenges or start to doubt our self-worth, we need to remember that we are flawless. We need to remember that we are flawless and human nature causes us to have challenges and imperfections. Our humanness is what makes us change course and alters our perceptions when we're not able to manage our response or attitude toward life events and other happenings in our lives.

There is a quote I love that says, "You're flawless when you embrace the things about you that you don't necessarily like, but you own them because they're yours." - Amanda Seales. This is an example of acceptance and shedding the human side that tells you that you should be a certain way. Our humanness tries to control, correct, or change God's plan with people and circumstances that aren't invested in our good. We have to learn to reject those things that trigger our bad habits and behaviors and create a circle of people and environments that are healthy, motivating, and inspiring.

The decision is ours if we allow our circumstances and the thoughts of others to determine our outcome. Quite frankly, I am not in the mood to allow anyone to interfere in my life and I choose to be honest and fair to myself and where I am today. I plan to forgive myself for past mistakes and live in my greatness.

Love fully, live on purpose, and believe in yourself always.

I hope this message resonates with you and gives you some tidbits and food for thought. Be flawless and own it, so the world knows your worth. It's doggy dog out here and sometimes we need to be the light in all this darkness.

I am always proud of you and an advocate for your wellness.

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