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Evade Envy and Block Bitterness


Defined as a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck. Envy is hard not to feel and even harder to let go when you do. It can poison your thoughts and create imbalance when you start to follow someone else's journey due to envy and not staying on your path.

It is a jealousy rooted in the world's perception of success, wealth, and value. In an age of social media, the plugged-in society sees the lives of so many and grows a spirit of wanting, almost yearning, because of it. They yearn for the possessions and lifestyles of others, looking from the outside in and thinking it's easy to achieve.

We must accept who we are and at what stage of life we are. With this awareness, we can review the areas we need to change and take action around them. We can purposefully create goals that align with who we are and the skills and talents we have or are planning to achieve. When we envy others, we require something that may not be what that person has. However, we connect to it because it feeds our appetite to be better.

But envy creates jealousy and bitterness, which only clouds your judgment and drives you in a direction that may not be for you. Your envy must be well-placed. You have to keep things in perspective when you carry an envious heart. You should congratulate those on their success and frame your envy with contentment, knowing that goals are achievable and you can also be successful with hard work and patience.


Bitterness or resentment is defined as anger or disappointment at being treated unfairly. We have all been hurt by the actions or comments of others. We call that living life in a dog-eat-dog world. It isn't uncommon for people to challenge your beliefs, criticize your values, and stomp on your goals and dreams. But the problem is when we embrace those comments and believe ourselves unworthy. When we succumb to the words or actions of others, we hold grudges and develop bitterness. These behaviors and emotions stunt our growth and push us to build walls that aren't easily torn down. When your confidence is shaken and you feel a sense of injustice, it prohibits you from being mindful and enjoying life in the here and now. It also can increase anxiety and depression. Depression, being one of the most common mental illnesses, impacts 8% of American adults each year. In the raw, 21 million people are suffering in a state of sadness and lack of interest, which impacts normal activity.

We need to live in a state of constant forgiveness, not for the other person but for ourselves. Our sanity depends on our ability to rise above our bitterness, forgive, and move forward. It is the simplest of requests and the hardest thing for many to do. However, striving toward a mindset of forgiveness enables us to remain focused on our well-being and better understand our purpose.

As envy consumes you and bitterness invades your heart, strive to congratulate others and yourself on where you are in the journey and be in a state of forgiveness toward those who hurt you. Create a path forward to understanding the "why" of your envy to clarify your vision for your life, and know that bitterness only deters you from being focused. Quotes for your keepsake:

"Don't be envious. Be inspired." - Thibaut, German Philospher

"Bitterness is a result of clinging to negative experiences. It serves you no good and closes the door to your future." - Leon Brown, Author.

I challenge you to be intentional about maintaining a positive mindset, reaching your goals, and practicing mindfulness. We are here to bring meaning and purpose to our lives despite the world's challenges, and this takes focus and commitment.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Believe.

Your Positive Advancement Family

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