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Cleaning Up My Mess

Being aware of the messes we make in our lives is an essential part of the journey.

I love things being decent and in order, but I hate cleaning. It may seem funny, but it’s true. I know people who love to clean and take great pride in it, but I am not one of them. And unfortunately, this goes alongside cleaning up things in my life. I want life to be decent and orderly, but I rarely say it is. Each day, we live life to the best of our abilities and strive to be the best we can be. However, something will always come up, or someone will disrupt the peace, or we will find a way to mess it up all on our own. That is the cycle we find ourselves in sometimes.

I remember having a buyer close on a home and was so excited about it. First, I was excited because the journey to finding their home was long due to COVID and the economy, and it took about two years. Secondly, it was my first real commission, and with a family of seven and two kids in college, every little bit helps. However, in my excitement, I put the cart before the horse and did some inappropriate spending that caused a ripple effect. I was embarrassed and had to share my failure with my family, and they were disappointed. However, eventually, we recovered fully from the error, but it cost me more than I expected to lose.

It’s been a long time, but I probably still have some of that residue left today. But it was the catalyst for me to shift my thinking and build the purpose-driven life that I am striving for now. It was a breakthrough in a behavior pattern I had for a long time, and I had to choose. And though I am still not perfect today, I am better and wiser than I was, and I’ve learned to accept who I am. I decided to stop walking in the house, seeing the filth everywhere and saying I was too exhausted to deal with this right now. I chose to pick up a broom and start cleaning up my mess.

Even though I hate cleaning, I now know the value of doing it consistently and being present and focused on the outcome. When we’re on the journey, and it kicks us, or we kick ourselves, we must make a choice in how we want to move forward. We cannot sit and let the laundry pile up or let the days slip by. We must act firmly to change the habits and behaviors that took us off course.

Choose today to start cleaning up your messes. Evaluate where you are and what needs to change and create action around making those changes. Once you pick up the broom and see its impact, you’ll find the value in building a desire to get things decent and in order.

Enter your new year with a thankful heart and a new vision and purpose for your life!


The Positive Advancement Family

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