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 Positive Advancement, LLC believes in sustainable, healthy living! Feel free to explore our site and hopefully, you will find the balance and harmony you're looking for.


Our Holistic Approach is for Everyone



Commitment to Self, "I do!"

commitment to self - Cover 1.jpg
commitment to self - Cover 1.jpg

It's time to commit to yourself and get results!

Self-care is not selfishness and we must ensure our well-being before we can commit or focus on the well-being of others

Promoting Growth and Conscious Awareness

Overcome tough situations with help from Positive Advancement, LLC. We provide coaching services and implement sustainable strategies to promote positive change and help you tap into your greatest potential.


Our goal is to provide the Positive Advancement Program to those who need support in developing and achieving their goals and withstanding the adversities of life. We are an advocate for your right to joy and sustainable, healthy living.

What Is the Positive Advancement Program?

The Positive Advancement Program is a customizable program that enables individuals and businesses to affect change in their lives or their organizations. We focus on life and health coaching but have enhanced our programming to include:

  • Career
  • Love and Relationships
  • Spiritual
  • Personal Life Skills
    • Building Confidence
    • Effective Communication
    • Work-Life Balance
    • Being Assertive

For Your Dreams and Goals

Your dreams and goals are important and attainable. You just need to overcome the obstacles that hold you back from reaching them.

Specific Action Steps

We want to establish trust and customize a sensible and decisive coaching experience with incremental wins and long-term sustainment.

Measurable Results

The results are based on the work. Change is two-fold. It requires you to be present and determined to finish the process.

We Help You Improve Different Aspects

                • Life
                • Growth
  • Balance
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Well-Being

About Us

Positive Advancement, LLC was founded in October 2020 and is located in Virginia. However, we can coach you anywhere virtually.

Our Mission

We aim to be the leading life coach/positive change advocate in the Virginia area, supporting a variety of customers and businesses with their personal, spiritual, and professional needs with the highest level of distinction and class.

Guiding Principles

  • Provide exemplary service with integrity and always maintain humility
  • Commit to the customer perspective and deliver
  • Make each investment of your time reflect positive focus and long-term sustainability

"Nothing gets transformed in your life until your mind is transformed."

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

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Who I Am

My name is Michele Moore. I am a wife and mother of five who started a journey in life coaching in 2019. I am passionate and driven by my experiences and the impact I hope to make in the lives of others. My journey is not much different than others who've struggled in life or experienced many different tragic moments and found purpose.  I am hopeful and grateful in everything that I do and I am striving to live my best life and help others achieve it as well. 

Learning From My Experiences

We are all driven by something in our lives that makes us believe in change. Many experiences of loss created different emotions in me. I lost my sister, Tish, in 2001 to a rare tissue cancer and my maternal grandfather and father in 2010. They died almost a month apart due to colon/prostate and kidney/liver/lung cancer, respectively. Shortly after that, in 2011, my mother was diagnosed with early-onset dementia and, after a sad progression of the disease, died in 2019. The lack of self-care and commitment led to tragic circumstances and built an urgency in me to learn the skills to help people's mental and physical wellness and well-being. As a Life Coach, I've had the opportunity to touch so many lives and learn how to meet people where they are and get them where they need to be. I continue to learn, grow, and use my experiences to increase awareness in my family and community.

Achievements as a Life Coach

I am a Certified Life and Health, Focus Mastery & Breakthrough, Self-Healing, Therapeutic Art, Kidney Health, and Mindfulness Life Coach. I am also a Certified pre-marriage, marriage, and relationship facilitator through Prepare-Enrich. Additionally, real estate, life insurance, and annuities are part of my financial wellness initiatives, and I am licensed in Virginia to assist individuals and families with these transactions.  With the Positive Advancement Program, I have also created a customizable, sensible, and decisive coaching experience focusing on the client’s goals, the obstacles blocking their achieving them, and making incremental wins resulting in long-term sustainment.

Developing My Skills

I continue to challenge myself through learning. I enjoy taking classes, either online or in-person, and I try to apply what I've learned in my own life. I consistently push myself to develop in my areas of opportunity and urge my audience to share feedback after our interactions. I am open to continuous improvement and creating new priorities for myself and the organization on a routine basis.


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